A new, revolutionary way to treat stress & pain (with amethyst crystal)

Many of us are familiar with the saying “stress is the number one killer,” but how of us actually take this saying seriously? If you think about it, it’s easy for many of us to take our own stress for granted, especially when stress is downplayed to the point that it’s viewed as normal, or, worse, it is actually encouraged in the name of productivity! It’s like this- if you’re not “stressed” enough, you’re simply not working hard enough.

So you say to yourself, I must keep going; I can handle more. At least that’s the story that so many of us believe; rather than acknowledging the red flags, and thanking our bodies for looking after us, we blame ourselves for the stress we are experiencing by viewing it as a weakness, or an inconvenience. Messed up, right?

Especially since the reality is— you can always push a little harder; you can always work a little harder. But ignoring that inner voice, the one that tells you It’s time to slow down, take some time off, or you’re pushing past the limit can eventually lead to debilitating consequences such as chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, GI tract issues, and, yes, even terminal illness. And this is because the body can only give you so many subtle warnings before it really starts to malfunction.

So, what can you do to address your stress?

Simple. Take the necessary time to unwind from your stress. And don’t just take the time, MAKE time. This is absolutely necessary for your health, wellness, and peace of mind, so don’t convince yourself otherwise!

how can you de-stress naturally?

Exercise? Meditate? Hang out with friends? Sure. All of these things are great to do, but how about trying something technologically advanced and grounding?


At Organic Medizen, the Amethyst Treatment is our flagship stress management treatment. Inspired by the unique properties of the Amethyst biomat, which was recently credited as a “breakthrough in medical science,” we were intrigued by the biomat’s use of both infrared technology and amethyst crystal to propel healing.


The studies conducted on the Amethyst mat are pretty impressive and serve as evidence of the amethyst crystal’s ability to reduce stress. In a 2011 study conducted by Internal Medicine Dr. George Grant, Ph.D. I.M.D., C.CHEM, the amethyst mat was found to “reduce stress by 78% as shown by Pre and Post Biofeedback Brain Scans and fasting blood tests measuring the stress hormone cortisol.” All of this possible through negative ion release and the infrared-heat transfer that occurs between the individual and the mat.

And thanks to Dr. George Grant’s research, we also discovered that using the Amethyst biomat as a wellness treatment for at least two months has the greatest impact on reducing stress levels. And anyone who spends anywhere from 30-60 minutes on the mat can experience these therapeutic benefits. Fascinating, right?

Additionally, a certified holistic practitioner will guide you through the process and enhance your experience with complementary aromatherapy, alkalizing beverages, and a stress-reducing facial massage that focuses on all of the major reflexology points.

At Organic Medizen, we are truly committed to helping you overcome stress in a healthy, positive way because we truly recognize the power of wellness and self-care. And we not only recognize its power and significance, we aim to take the concept of self-care to a new and revolutionary level.

Want to experience the therapeutic power of the Amethyst treatment for yourself? Book your first service and receive 10% off your first treatment. Reserve your appointment today by calling (562) 237-4892 or emailing organicmedizen@gmail.com

We look forward to attending your wellness needs.

In health,

Maritza Worthington, CHNC, CHPM

Founder of Organic Medizen


Click on the link for further studies conducted on the amethyst biomat.


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