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OC Wellness Retreat: How to Naturally Unlock Your Body’s Self-Healing Abilities

Hey there! Below is the flyer for my FREE talk that I'll be giving at 12pm (Noon) on November 4th at Organic MediZen and the OC Wellness Retreat! Below is the Flyer for the OC Wellness Retreat information Hope to see you there! In health, Maritza Worthington

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Why imitating diet idols will not get you long-term results.

So you're passing the time scrolling through your news feed, when you suddenly spot a catchy headline from that celebrity nutritionist you've been following... Come to find, she's releasing her newest blog post on everything sheeee eats in an entire day, and I mean everything! Your eyebrows slightly perk up; your eyes scan her stunning [...]

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A new, revolutionary way to treat stress & pain (with amethyst crystal)

Many of us are familiar with the saying “stress is the number one killer,” but how of us actually take this saying seriously? If you think about it, it’s easy for many of us to take our own stress for granted, especially when stress is downplayed to the point that it’s viewed as normal, or, [...]

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How your gut and mood are physically connected

Many holistic health practitioners and natural medicine doctors talk about the importance of the gut-brain connection, but what do they really mean by it? Is the "gut-brain connection” an ambiguous concept, or is it actually a real thing? The answer is yes it’s a genuine concept, and I can explain to you how these two [...]

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