Why imitating diet idols will not get you long-term results.

So you’re passing the time scrolling through your news feed, when you suddenly spot a catchy headline from that celebrity nutritionist you’ve been following…

Come to find, she’s releasing her newest blog post on everything sheeee eats in an entire day, and I mean everything!

Your eyebrows slightly perk up; your eyes scan her stunning physique, radiant smile, and you can’t help but think, “well, she’s in killer shape, with a bod like that she must know what she’s talking about..”

Excitedly, you click on the post and it feels like you’re about to unlock the gates of the kingdom, as you’re filled with the confidence that you too will now know THE SECRET.

Her posted food log consists of a timely breakfast, lunch and dinner (with healthy snacks in between), of course..

You’re intrigued by the exotic recipes and suddenly find yourself scribbling down notes on your grocery pad about the banana chia pudding, the one about the veggie bowl, and that sugar-free sorbet that actually sounds pretty good..

You are just soaking up all the ideas like a sponge, as your mind is skimming through her meal plan faster than your pen can catch up to write.

But sometime in the middle of your scribbling storm, the unexpected happens. Your racing pen reaches a screeching halt as it drops and slowly rolls away from you…

You find yourself slightly dumbstruck as it hits you: all of her recipes are plant-based, gluten-free. Could it be that she’s vegan and gluten intolerant?

You start contemplating: Should I be vegan? Could I be gluten intolerant? Do I have a celiac disease? Maybe all those food conspiracy documentaries were right…maybe I should be purging half of my fridge right now..

Suddenly you find yourself questioning all the food decisions you’ve made in the last 10 years, until you’re practically on the verge of an existential food crisis..

You simply want to be healthier version of yourself, but now you find yourself running in circles and googling mystery diseases. What’s right!? Who’s right!?

It’s mentally exhausting, isn’t it? One day you’re told Paleo is the way to go; the next day you see vegan bodybuilders touting their “gainz.”

So, ultimately, what does all this all mean FOR YOU…?

As a certified functional nutritionist, I’d like to reassure you that the only perfect diet you should follow is the one that aligns with you and your needs. And don’t get discouraged if you’ve tried diets in the past that didn’t work..

Remember, nutrition is diverse.


Because our bodies are diverse.

For instance, I might have a client who thrives on an autoimmune paleo diet, while another client might thrive on a vegan, or plant-based diet.

And this is exactly why a one-size-fits-all approach to diet simply does not work. Sure, it’s always great and helpful to get ideas and inspiration from healthy food bloggers, nutritionists, and other health professionals, but in the end the best way to know which diet to follow has to do more with understanding your nutritional needs, deficiencies, and unique sensitivities.

And this is only one piece of the puzzle.

Because it’s also important to take into consideration any underlying gut, stress, hormonal, or chronic issues that might also be throwing your body’s natural equilibrium off.

So, what’s the best diet and nutrition advice to follow?


Understand your body’s unique, bio-individual needs!


For a holistic & scientific approach to your dietary needs, you can schedule an initial consultation with me where we can begin to map out an individualized plan that truly meets YOUR physiological needs.

Call (562) 237-4892 or email organicmedizen@gmail.com to schedule your consultation today!

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